Melissascissons Partners PA, LLC is a full service property management firm founded in 2007 by Brett Crans and Mark Claud. Melissascissons provides demonstrated expertise in the area of property management services for office industrial, and investment clients.

Melissascissons is located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania and is staffed with 3 full time employees. Our strength comes from our people. Collectively our professionals have over 45 years of combined real estate experience. The competitive advantage of retaining Melissascissons lies in this experience and our ability to adapt with the market to best serve our clients.

Melissascissons integrates itself into the businesses and individuals we represent so that we have a complete understanding of their commercial real estate objectives. We work with our clients as a team so that we can represent their best interests.

Significant commercial real estate experience, localized knowledge and seamless working relationships provide the focus to capture real estate opportunities and development sites.